What We Do

Why It Matters

A diagnosis of cancer is shocking news and undoubtedly a life-altering event. Thankfully most patients diagnosed with cancer are cured of their disease. There are more cancer survivors alive at this moment than at any other time in the history of the World. This is surely something to sing about!

Our mission is to form a global choir of cancer survivors: providing support and music therapy for cancer patients, and generating funds for cancer research.

The outlook for most cancer patients is good, and improving all the time. However cancer survivors continue to need ongoing support. Cancer survivors continue to need ongoing support, especially from fellow-survivors and choir practice can be very therapeutic.

Music therapy is increasingly recognised as beneficial for cancer patients. STSA brings cancer survivors together in small groups, for weekly choir rehearsals, typically on Wednesdays at 7pm for one hour. This may be accommodated in their local cancer support centre or any other suitable venue. Occasionally groups come together in large choirs for plenary rehearsals, concerts and CD recordings.

Details of music to rehearse is shared with STSA members prior to rehearsal which is coordinated by the musical director/choir master.